About us

Welcome to Meetjane crochet studio!

My name is Anna, I created Meetjane crochet studio in November 2021 with my mum-Jane.  

I learned crochet from her. At the beginning, we crocheted pet neckwear for my corgi Maple and all his ‘pawfriends’ as the Christmas gifts!

In March 2022, my gorgeous friend Jenny joined us! She brought more beautiful ideas in and we opened our crochet studio: Meetjane Crochet Studio

Meetjane crochet studio has a variety of crochet products and different crochet  workshops. We believe that crochet can help us feel more relax and we’d love to share our love of crochet with more people!!!

Come and visit Meetjane crochet studio, to relax, create and enjoy!

"We live in a crazy, automated, digitised i World and we've reached out our peak.

We want handmade and authentic.❤️"


Love you all!

Anna & Jenny

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